Can I add line breaks in WA broadcast template parameters?

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Currently, the WA template doesn't allow a new line inside the variables. You can only do standard formatting, like the following guideline:


So if you have this template 

Hello {{1}}

and you want it to be

Hello dear customers,
please enter your name

Then it's impossible to enter new line in the {{1}} variable. If you enter "dear customers, /n please enter your name" or the likes then WA will not encode it to be new line.

The Newline within a template will change the template structure and can make it too flexible, hence defeating the purpose of the approval system.

So the best thing to do is making a template with the structure that you want:

Hello {{1}},

please enter your name

Please make sure all of your templates are using the correct format, to assure the templates will get approval from the Facebook team.

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