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You can make a template with a header, which can be a text or media header (specifically an image, video, or document). If the templates with a media header were rejected immediately when it was just submitted, it's normal, because templates with images as a header require an appeal for approval. Our team will periodically check our approval/rejection template system to help the template get approval. Therefore, you don't have to worry if the template gets rejected the first time you just submit it.






Note: Please ignore the rejected status on the dashboard. When the templates are finally approved, the status on the Omnichannel dashboard will also be automatically approved.





There is a way you can get your template approved without waiting for our system or team to appeal it.

This works for those who have signed up for our WABA using the embedded sign-up method.

The solution is that you can submit your template right from your Facebook Business Manager. Our system will sync it to your dashboard, so you don't have to create it twice!


How do you submit your template through the Facebook Business manager:

1. Go to this link: https://business.facebook.com/wa/manage/message-templates/

If you have more than 1 WABA ID, please make sure you have submitted the correct WABA ID by checking this field:mceclip0.png

2. Click on "create template" to create a new template:


3. The Category might be only 3, but that's okay. Every category on the dashboard will be seen as "Transaction", so, you may want to choose the same category here:


4. Please make sure the template name is checked and has never been used before.

5. Click on "Continue" and fill out the template details as you want.


6. Please make sure on your preview, the template looks the same as you expected.

7. Please do note that you can't submit the template unless you have filled out all the parameters in the template, this is including the media that you wanted to use and the sample parameter on the body template.mceclip4.png

8. If all samples are added, now you can submit the template


9. Confirm your submission


10. Check periodically if the template has been approved, in review, or rejected, by searching the template name here:


11. If the template has been approved, go to the Omnichannel dashboard to check and use the template. If you can't find it, please click on the sync template button first.


12. Now you're done! You can start broadcasting the template accordingly.



Note: If you have submitted the template through Facebook Business Manager, with complete samples, and it gets rejected. Please inform us of the name, we will need to apply it to the Meta team directly.

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