Qismo Version 0.15.0 Release

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Hi there, it's a good news for you who have been using Qismo until now. We have come so far with new upgrades here. We have added several features and made some improvements in Qismo. Below are the list of changes.

Basic account management (Profile setting)

In this version we provide a basic account management or profile setting for you to customise your account appearance, such as: Name, Company name, Company number, Address, Avatar as well as Password. So, in case you need to update those information, you can do so in Account management page at Settings > Account Management.


Agents analytics improvement - each agent statistical details

Yes, we heard you and we try to make it as you wished. We added more details information regarding your agents' performance statistic in handling your customers in more details fashion. You are now able to view how each agent has performed in three, six, nine, or twelve months chart view. You can also view when they resolved each case and how many have been done through. Just step on to Settings > Agents Management > Analytics and click to see details in each row.


Notification center

As you are getting more and more incoming messages, we now support you with a notification center to keep in track. So if you missed some conversations when you are away from keyboard, you are able to comeback through the notification center. Just click the notification button, and there you are.


WhatsApp integration - Use WABox instead of previous service

We already supported WhatsApp channel integration since several versions ago. Yet, it didn't fully meet our expectation. So, we are looking for more reliable service to handle many requests for this popular channel. Here we are replacing previous third party service with WABox. To be noted here, you need to subscribe to its service first before you can use it in Qismo. Then, toggle on this service by following simple steps described in the WhatsApp integration tab at Integration > WhatsApp.

And for those who has been using previous service, fear not. We got your back covered ;)

For further information, feedbacks or you got a questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedbacks at contact.us@qiscus.com.

Best regards,
Qismo Product Team


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